SASE in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has undergone a significant transformation with the advent of Industry 4.0. Through the integration of cloud technology, data utilization, and automation in manufacturing processes, technological advancements have become accessible to manufacturers. This includes the implementation of smart factories equipped with interconnected devices to streamline production, automated material ordering, proactive prediction of equipment service requirements, Lean process enhancements, and the establishment of automated dark factories monitored by remote personnel. These innovations contribute to downtime reduction, enhanced efficiency, and informed decision-making for manufacturers.

IT Challenges in the manufacturing industry


The connected devices, sensors, and robots in factories were not originally designed with security considerations. This lack of focus on security leaves them susceptible to exploitation by cyber attackers.

Global Connectivity

Numerous manufacturers operate on a global scale, posing a challenge for seamless connectivity. This challenge becomes even more pronounced when facilities are situated in regions such as China, Vietnam, and Latin America.

High operational cost of the network

Manufacturing businesses encounter the challenging responsibility of choosing dependable and secure hardware and software solutions to ensure their IT systems remain abreast of dynamic market changes and stay competitive. To align these investments with business objectives, they require an agile system capable of swift adaptation to evolving customer requirements.

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Cato is recognized as a Challenger in Gartner®'s Magic Quadrant™ for Single-Vendor SASE.
Cato named a Challenger in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Single-Vendor SASE
How to Plan a SASE Project
For decades, enterprises have been stuck on a complex and rigid architecture that has prevented them from fully executing their digital transformation strategies and achieving business agility.
Integrate Point Solutions with Sweat and Tears or Choose the SASE Way
Historically, IT solved emerging business needs with point solutions, and as more network and security products piled up, IT was expected to manage and maintain them all.

The changes that are driving the need for SASE

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